Rare and Racy

Although more of a bookshop than a venue, any list of Sheffield’s literature heritage has to include the institution that is Rare and Racy. Established in 1969, their book and music store has survived now for over 40 years, catering for those people in the locality with an eye for a bargain and an interest in literature and music not generally available at mainstream stores.

They have books on two floors – many out of print – and a selection of vinyl records and CDs to appeal to most tastes, whether esoteric or popular.

If you have an interest in free jazz, contemporary poetry, the history of Sheffield and its environs, classical music, anthropology, country, blues….. then you will enjoy a visit to this store.

Jarvis Cocker once said ‘They say if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London then the whole place will collapse. I kind of feel if Rare & Racy leave Devonshire Green then a special part of Sheffield will collapse’. Unfortunately this now looks inevitable, with the site shortlisted for demolition sometime in the new year so enjoy Sheffield’s greatest bookshop while you still can.